Foundation History and Facts

The Cardinal Dery Foundation was established in 2001 by a small group of people who were personally touched by the loving hand of Peter Cardinal Dery, Archbishop Emeritus of Tamale, Ghana.


William Coleman - whose birth name is Ato Kwamina - is one of the many who were nurtured and guided by Cardinal Dery.   As a young priest, Father Dery took this barefoot boy under his wing, educated and mentored him and sent him across continents to build a successful life. Through his personal account, Coleman inspired others to help carry on the laudable work of his mentor and benefactor.


“As a leader in the Young Christian Student Movement, I was greatly inspired by Cardinal Dery. He was a mentor, a father and a teacher. He opened doors and guided me,” Coleman says. “He inspired both by his deep faith in God, and by his belief in the potential of the human spirit. Thanks to him, I found the courage to leave Ghana to travel abroad, not only furthering my education, but expanding the scope of what I’ve been able to do for others.”


To carry on Dery’s penchant for youth and good works, Coleman started the Archbishop Dery Foundation (now the Cardinal Dery Foundation). In the years since its inception, the Foundation has been able to build wells in the Northern Region of Ghana, provide secondary education scholarships for scores of young people, and provide support for basic health care and community needs through the hands of the staff of Matthew 25 House. Often Coleman delivers support checks in person, traveling at his own expense.


“I would not be able to do these things had it not been for the guidance and inspiration I received from Cardinal Dery,” Coleman says. “Even those who have never met him are inspired when they hear his story and see evidence of what he has done.”


Funds to do these works come from donations from friends who recognize the importance of touching the lives of others in need. Every one of our Board members has committed  to a generous contribution each year. In addition, many host “Well Parties” and make presentations to Clubs and Organizations in order to tell the Cardinal Dery story.

The Cardinal Dery Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Charity devoted to significantly improving the physical, spiritual and intellectual lives of the people of Ghana by providing these basics: clean water, education and health care. Please contact us if you would like a speaker to address your organization, or if you are interested in making a donation.  Our contact information is: Phone: 414-278-0170   Fax:414-278-1169   Address: 7127 N. Green Bay Avenue, Glendale, WI 53209
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