Board Activities

Board members are active in telling the Cardinal Dery Foundation story and raising funds to support our mission. The Board meets four times or more each year to plan activities, review successes and to search out ways to better communicate our mission.


Each year one or more "Well Parties" are hosted in the homes of board members and friends.  At these parties presentations about Ghana and efforts of the Cardinal Dery Foundation to build wells are offered.  In this simple way the Dery Foundation has secured thousands of dollars to help the people of Ghana build wells.


The Cardinal Dery Foundation board members all serve without compensation. Each funds at least one student scholarship per year.  Most also give generously to both the health care and fresh water initiatives. Many have traveled to Ghana at their own expense to deliver medical supplies and provide other forms of support. During these trips they take advantage of the opportunity to see first hand the fruits of their efforts.



The Cardinal Dery Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Charity devoted to significantly improving the physical, spiritual and intellectual lives of the people of Ghana by providing these basics: clean water, education and health care. Please contact us if you would like a speaker to address your organization, or if you are interested in making a donation.  Our contact information is: Phone: 414-278-0170   Fax:414-278-1169   Address: 7127 N. Green Bay Avenue, Glendale, WI 53209
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